Sun Protection

Each BSRA school has independent guidelines to address sun protection for their participants. Each school is therefore expected to operate within their guidelines.

The BSRA has complementary guidelines here:

  1. The wearing of caps or visors during racing as a sun smart practice is highly recommended.
  2. The wearing of shirts under the zootie is an individual preference or dictated by the school.
  3. Uniform rules in the sport allow the sleeve length to vary but should more than one member of the crew choose to wear one, it must be a consistent colour.
  4. Particular attention to appropriate clothing is in consideration for both warmth and sun exposure.
  5. Where the competition uniform does not provide adequate sun protection, participants are reminded to apply SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen to all exposed skin and wear covered clothing whilst participating in the sport.
  6. If sunglasses are worn, they should meet the Australian standard (ASNZS 1067:2016).
  7. When not actively rowing or between individual events, participants are able to rest in shaded areas/school tent for shelter.