Online Coaching Accreditation

There are many different pathways to coaching within the BSRA coaching group:

Past students, current/past rowers, parent volunteers, etc.

All coaches must have a current blue card, and tinnie license. There are numerous school inductions to prepare you to coach. The BSRA recommends Rowing Australia Coaching Level 1 accreditation as a minimum:

The Level 1 Course is aimed at the novice coach. These coaches are likely to have minimal background in rowing and may coach at school or club level. Examples of this type of coach are teachers and parents with non-rowing backgrounds and current rowing club members helping at the grassroots level.

This course is delivered entirely online and costs $180.00. Some BSRA schools (not all) will reimburse the cost of this course in your coaching agreement. This is something you will need to negotiate.

To register for this online course please go to:

There are subsequent levels to complete also see here

Many coaches have years of experience but no qualifications. It is necessary in this instance to contact Rowing Queensland, Mike Partridge 07 3842 1200 or and obtain a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will need to be scheduled and at a cost of approx $60.

Coaching is a wonderful pursuit and your engagement is greatly valued. The accreditation could deter some and the BSRA really encourage you to comply as this is the safest way to enjoy our sport on busy waterways while imparting your knowledge to youth.