Question: What does a spectator “need to know?” 

Where is Wyaralong? Where do I  park? Where do I get a coffee? What time is the race? What area is for the spectators? Can I bring my dog?


  1. The address for Wyaralong is Wyaralong Dam, Mt Joyce Recreation Grounds Access, Allenview, QLD, 4285. See the website pages How to get there and navigate around to view the site maps, etc.
  2. The boom gate opens at 6am.
  3. The cost for car parking at approx $5. $10 on Head of the River day.
  4. Parking is on a first come first served basis. If you park in CP5,6 or 7 you will need to catch a shuttle bus to the spectator headland area.
  5. A program of events and the draw is digital and available on the BSRA website on the regatta information page. Head of the River only provides a hard copy of the program
  6. Coffee is available in the catering area behind the Finish Tower and schools are recommended to supply a coffee van on the competitor headland also. This is up to the individual host schools to organise.
  7. Each school has a spectator tent located in front of the catering area by the waters edge overlooking the finish line. Bring a chair and a newspaper…
  8. The competitors have their own headland.
  9. No dogs are permitted at Wyaralong.

Host School Information

Question: Is there security at Wyaralong on Friday night?

Answer: No security is provided for you. See the answer in the question below

Question:  What time is bump in and out?


Bump in – Friday prior to the event (provided you have your own volunteers to act as security overnight) and Saturday up until 6:30am.

Bump out – Saturday after 1:30pm

Question: Who provides the catering tent?

Answer: Each host school provides their own catering tent but Rowing Queensland has a tent for you to hire. 20 metres x 10 metres at $150 for the hire. You will need to contact Lucy at RQ to arrange. Lucyb@rowingqld.asn.au or phone her 07 3842 1200

The dimensions for the catering site footprint are: Flat area 20 x 12m and Slight down slope 20 x 3m = Total area 20 x 15m

Question: Do the catering schools need to have a food service certificate?

Answer: The food stall may be exempt through being a ‘not for profit’ organisation…

Please see link on Council’s website for information and to confirm.

Food Business (Temporary) – Overview – lgtoolbox.qld.gov.au


Even though a licence may not be required, you still have a responsibility to ensure that food is prepared in a safe manner to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

Question: Apart from catering what else do host schools do to support the event?


Create the program to sell (HoR the BSRA supply this)

Man the car park CP2 and sell programs

Cater for the BRO’s – breakfast, morning tea and lunch.(see Rachael Kininmonth – EO for requirements)

Supply 10 boat holders for the 8+’s race (twice each regatta)

TBC shuttle bus arrangements from Host school at the conclusion of the regatta

Provide a school dignitary to present pennants throughout the first half of the program on the spectator headland (set up a trestle table and any host school signage/banners etc to mark the area)

Question:  Is there access to Water?

Answer: YES, but there is no mains water).

The competitor headland has tank water available

The spectator headland catering site will have access to tank water for washing up. No drinking water. (RQ to provide a key)

Maps available on the ‘Wyaralong’ page of this website

Question: What are the arrangements for waste water?

Answer: This will need to be transported out with your stall. TBC

Question: What arrangements are made for rubbish generated by the food marque and Food/Coffee Vans?

Answer: Rubbish/waste will be managed by Rowing Queensland, skip bins and 240l bins will be provided and emptied when required.

The BSRA supports food packaging that minimises damage to the environment. Please discourage styrofoam packaging when you host the regattas, as it is particularly bulky and when it escapes from the rubbish bins it negatively impacts the pristine environment that we are using.

Also, it is a behaviour of competitors to throw empty water bottles and rubbish into the boat trailers. When the boat trailers drive off the unsecured rubbish flies out and leaves a very bad impression on our event. Please be mindful of this and put stray rubbish in the bin…

Question: Are dogs allowed at Wyaralong?

Answer: No. Wyaralong is a SEQ Water facility. It is a SEQ Water principle to prohibit domestic pets to their sites. 🙁

Question: Is there mobile service coverage?

Answer: Yes for Telstra and Optus (although weak) and No for Vodaphone.

Question: Where do we source ice?

Answer: You must supply your own ice. Beaudesert and Boonah are a nearby locations to source ice.

Question: How do I contact Rowing Queensland (RQ)?

Answer:  P: 07 3842 1200 | E: info@rowingqld.asn.au|

Question: Where are items to be delivered and collected?

Answer: There are two headlands – the spectator headland and the competitor headland. If you are organising deliveries to Wyaralong prior to your event, you will need to supply your own people to take receipt of delivery and manage the security of the delivery. Collection on event day will be okay. Bump out after 1pm.

Question: Is there power on site?

Answer: Comp headland has 15 KVA and Spec headland has 20 KVA

Access to power is organised by RQ and paid for by the BSRA. There are a number of generators to supply the power. Please ensure you have extension leads and rubber matting to cover the leads to prevent a tripping hazard. It is available from Friday through to the end of the event each Saturday. The Distribution Board has also been organised for you from Friday through to the end of the event and included in the costs.

Question: How do I find the basic regatta program?

Answer: The link to a printable PDF is available on this website at Regatta Information

Question: How many Pennants are needed?

Answer: Pennants are for the first race finals only. The list is available on the REGATTA INFORMATION link here on the website closer to the regatta season. Go to Hosting a Regatta for details.

Question: Where do the catering volunteers park?

Answer: There are TWO car parks for the HOST school only on the spectator ring road. There are 3 loading/unloading passes. 2 cars from the host school only will be allowed to park in this area. CP2,3 and 4 are walking distance to the course. CP2 is opposite the competitor headland (see maps). All parking is on a first come first served basis so there is an expectation that catering volunteers will arrive early to ensure access to their preferred parking. If you need to park in CP5 and 6 (because CP2,3 and 4 are full) you will need to use the shuttle bus service to the catering area. Please see maps.

Please note, VIP and Disabled parking enquiries to Rachael rachael@bsra.org.au

Question: Where is disabled parking?

Answer: If you are displaying a disabled sticker you will automatically gain access to the disabled parking near the boat access on the ring road. There are only 2 spaces here so please advise if further arrangements are required. There is the option that a driver can drop off disabled or elderly passengers on the ring road and then go onto park at the designated locations. See maps.

Question: Who manages the merchandise?

Answer: The merchandise opportunity is given to the school that is currently the Chair of the BSRA.

Question: Do you have a question that is not answered here? If so email Rachael@bsra.org.au. 

I hope this information is helpful.