Hosting a Regatta

Hosting a Regatta Event Manual.2023.V3pdf

Please read the manual and share with your team.  You should suggest they refer to the relevant duty they have been tasked with. The Hosting manual contains comprehensive information.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. The coffee vendor is organised by BSRA. Christie from The Rich Pour will contribute 15% from main set up and 8% from coaches set up of the takings on the day of your event to your RSG on the Thursday following your event (she only does payments on Thursdays). Christie just needs bank details to deposit this.
  2. The regatta has pre paid parking only which is organised by the BSRA. The link to purchase will be posted on the website, on the event day calendar. Cars without pre paid parking will be denied access to the course.
  3. Please reduce packaging and eliminate polystyrene packaging in your host planning
  4. Head of the River – spectators are bused in to reduce traffic congestion

Event Insurance

There have been occasions where the Regatta has been cancelled due to severe weather that renders the course unsafe for rowing.

The BSRA makes every effort to ensure that you will be minimally impacted should weather upset our regattas. Where there is a forecast that sits outside safe rowing conditions (usually in our season it’s due to wind) the regatta will be cancelled or amended by 12pm the day before. This should enable you to cancel/minimise food supplies in adequate time.

The host school should keep in close contact with the EO at this time. This ultimately means that those catering for the event are left with an expenditure that cannot be recouped. Most recently 2023 Stuartholme arranged insurance from Altamont $1,300 for $15,000 cover.

In 2016 Somerville House investigated event insurance. They used Altamont $300 at the time and insured for $15,000. Things have changed since 2016. I imagine this alters the viability of insurance for some. Please let me know what you find in this space to inform others.

2024 lead up regatta hosts

Regatta 1 – STH (swapped with AHS)

Regatta 2 – BSHS

Regatta 3 – BGGS

Regatta 4 – STM

Regatta 5 – LHC

2025 lead up regatta hosts

Regatta 1 – SOM

Regatta 2 – SPLC

Regatta 3 – STU

Regatta 4 – STH

Regatta 5 – AHS


Head of the River Host allocation

2023 – STM – 26 August

2024 – STU

2025 – LHC

2026 – STH

2027 – BGGS

2028 – BSHS

2029 – SOM

2030 – AHS