Hosting a Regatta

Hosting a Regatta Event Manual.2021

Read all details for hosting a regatta here. It would be helpful if all hosts schools were comprehensively across the information regarding your role as host for the BSRA regattas.


Event Insurance

There have been occasions where the Regatta has been cancelled due to severe weather that renders the course unsafe for rowing. When this occurs it usually a last minute decision so that every opportunity is given for the weather to change and the girls to race. This ultimately means that those catering for the event are left with an expenditure that cannot be recouped. In 2016 Somerville House investigated event insurance so that if this should occur they do not lose money. The details can be sought from Somerville House but they used a company called Altamont and insured for $15,000. It cost them $300 for this peace of mind. The BSRA recommend that you consider this insurance cost when it is your turn to host.