Incident Reporting

Incidents at a Regatta

  1. First Aid is handled by the contracted supplier (usually 1300-Medics). There are two Advance Life Support attendees and two Basic life support attendees. (One of each on both headlands.)
  2. If a medical emergency is activated, the RQ Regatta Referee will inform the BSRA EO ASAP.
  3. The EO will inform the relevant school coordinator.
  4. The First Aid contractor in the normal procedure will write up a report post regatta. This is given to RQ and shared with the BSRA by Tuesday 5pm following the regatta.
  5. An incident report form would be submitted by the EO for serious incidents and submitted to RQ for clarification of the incident while waiting for the First Aid report.
  6. Incident Report Form for regattas. Regatta Incident Report Form.
    • Definition of ‘serious’ – where common sense dictates that follow up is sought/required.
  7. EO submit RQ findings/outcome/recommendation to the School Principal, Head of Sport and the Rowing Coordinator as well as follow up enquiries of the injured/sick party.