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Spectating at Wyaralong regattas

Regatta’s take up a great deal of your time. Wyaralong is a remote location. It’s important that you are prepared to make it the best experience ever ????

Bring a camp chair, a hat, sunscreen, and purchase your parking online at bsra.org.au the Monday before each regatta (HOR different and TBC), $$$ for a coffee and snacks, the Saturday paper and a relaxed attitude. Most of the personnel conducting the regattas are predominantly volunteers. Please be patient…

Your school supporters will erect a tent on the spectator headland. Go to the Venue page here on the website and scroll down to find the maps to familiarise yourself with where this is located.

Parking is a pre paid see the home page for the link each week. (P) P2, P3 and P4 are ‘park and walk’ arrangements to the spectator and competitor headlands. P5, P6 require a shuttle.

The shuttle is FREE. It operates every 15 minutes on the quarter hour. The first race is at 8am and the last race is at approximately 1:30pm. The last shuttle is at 2pm. Please do not expect the shuttle to run later than this as the shuttle buses are transporting athletes back to Brisbane and Gold Coast schools. They cannot be delayed.

If you require DISABLED access, please present to the Meebun Ring Road entry point (see maps). You will either be allowed to drop off OR YOU MAY be able to park closer depending on the day. Meebun Ring Road must remain clear for the shuttle buses. Cars parking on the Ring Road will impede the bus movement.

Programs are digital at the lead up regattas and are available at www.bsra.org.au If you prefer a hard copy make sure you print it out the night before. There are scratchings and substitutions that may occur after your program is printed and a hard copy will therefore not reflect the changes.

If you want to get involved just volunteer. There are options on the Regatta page on the website: volunteer boat drivers and Boat Race Officials accreditation. Check it out!

Have a great day and thanks for coming 😉