The BSRA are committed to ensuring that safety practices are ‘best practice’ within our member schools.

The BSRA is subject to the authority of Rowing Queensland, Transdev and in turn the Maritime Authority to ensure that our behaviours on the water reflect all guidelines.

The BSRA has several steps to encourage safety awareness amongst its members:

  1. An online BSRA Safety Quiz identifies the critical elements to consider on our river and waterways and within our sport. Click here to access the Safety Quiz.
  2. A Safety Audit is conducted with each BSRA member school’s shed and operational procedures to ensure compliance. Click here to access Shed Safety Audit (for Rowing Coordinators)
  3. The Queensland Government, in partnership with the Maritime Authority and Rowing Queensland, created a RiverShare information video. It is the primary information shared with the BSRA members as they begin their rowing season. Brisbane RiverShare – ‘Because we’re all in the same boat.’
  4. CityCat interactions are scheduled for Rowers, coxes, and coaches for the 7 member schools that are located in CityCat operation areas.
  5. Safety and Racing Each BSRA member school is encouraged to have a Boat Race Official visit their school prior to the racing season. This interaction is aimed to inform them of racing procedures and encourage questions to fill gaps in knowledge and to compliment the schools own racing preparation procedures. To book this interaction, please call Rowing Queensland on 07 3842 1200 and schedule an appropriate time.