Shed Safety Audit

The BSRA conduct safety audits at each of the member schools to ensure that safety is ‘lived’ at each of the rowing sheds. Assessments include, maintenance of equipment, placement of equipment and storage of equipment.

Below the audit there are recommendations adopted by the BSRA for its member schools.

2024 Shed Safety Audit (to be completed by School Coordinators)

The components of the Safety Audit refer to the following:

  • Adoption of MSQ river rules and regulations.
  • Communication of MSQ rules and regulations to rowers, coxswains, coaches and volunteers.
  • Accreditation requirements of your coaches.
  • Training/racing skill preparation and rower/coxswain competency.
  • Recognition, learning and adoption of BSRA recommendations.
  • Equipment safety and servicing protocols.


BSRA recommendations 2015 to current


Following an incident on the Brisbane River where there was a low tide, but a strong tide, a coxswain steered too close to the red buoy at the Eleanor Schonnell Bridge and misjudged the current. This location is typically swirly due to the rocks underneath the water and the corner of the river. The 8+ hit the red buoy, on the wrong side, the rowers were tipped out and rescued. BSRA findings support the coach/supervisor’s calm head and recommend revisiting coxswain education to ensure these highlighted locations receive particular attention in their training.


Following the incident on the Brisbane River between a BSRA member school VIII and a BSRA member school single sculler at the UQ exclusion zone the BSRA findings were that both parties were compliant to the Brisbane River Code of Conduct.

The BSRA makes 3 recommendations to mitigate the incident reoccurrence:

  • School coach to rower ratios are applied
  • All rowing boats are accompanied by a coach/supervisor that sits outside the passive rowing craft to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ for the crew.
  • A minimum level 1 coaching qualification for ALL BSRA member schools since 2018.


BSRA recommend that Regatta procedure briefings are conducted by a Boat Race Official (BRO) prior to the commencement of competition. 2018 has seen the redevelopment and reintroduction of the Boat Race Official regatta procedure talks that detail the specifics of racing at Wyaralong particularly for new rowers and coaches. It is at a cost to schools of $150 and is organised by you with RQ. It is at a cost of $150 per school. N.B. this is to be conducted with an ACTUAL BRO with the ACTUAL presentation that is part of their collateral.


Following the incident on the Brisbane River between a BSRA member school 1st VIII and a masters sculler the BSRA finding was that the BSRA member school boat was in an unexpected position for other river users to adjust their course, added to the fact that the Master sculler was travelling down the centre third as opposed to the other third.

The BSRA recommendation is that all boats point their bows upriver when launching** (regardless of the tide) to maintain a position that adheres to river rules and is expected procedure from other river users. It is not uncommon to witness other river users unwittingly going off course, please reinforce the students in your care to be proactive in using their voice.

**It was revealed at the Safety Info night in 2023 that this procedure of boating is different at West End. BSRA is waiting for RQ to provide the communication on the agreed method of launch used in this area for all clubs and school users.


BSRA revisited the Maritime Safety Queensland light requirements for passive craft on all Queensland waterways. The Brisbane River Code of Conduct is constantly reinforced.

The BSRA recommendation is to adhere to lighting regulations on passive craft and coaching tinnies with compliant lighting.


Communication with Transdev highlighted the anxiety of CityCat Master’s operating in darkness and the changing light in identifying the presence of rowers. Due to the girls’ season being in winter and training often conducted in darkness the rowers are often not identifiable on the Cat instruments.

The BSRA recommendation was to introduce ‘high visibility safety caps’ to enhance the CityCat master’s ability to identify rowers in the changing light. High vis and reflector caps produced by Shaun Cronan


BSRA recommendation is to include relevant safety education every season, by way of the Online Safety Quiz for rowers, coxes and coaches in each member school.


BSRA recommendation of participation in CityCat interactions for each relevant school (excluding STH, and SOM) aims to impart safety education and build relationships between river users, specifically new rowers and coaches.


BSRA recommendation is for each school to complete the online safety audit protocols for the comprehensive annual review of each member school by the assigned date (determined each year).