Filming & Photography Guidelines

Each BSRA school is expected to operate within their individual school guidelines. In addition, the BSRA requests cooperation with the following:

  1. At all times, the BSRA has discretion in relation to filming and photography. Any person acting inappropriately in the opinion of the BSRA may be directed to cease taking photographs/film, may have his/her recording device confiscated while onsite at the event or may be asked to leave the event venue
  2. Filming or photography of rowers/students for private domestic purposes is only permitted where:
    • Unrelated people (those people peripheral to the main reason you are filming or photographing) in the pictures are unrecognisable and their image is not shared.
    • Photos or films that are shared on social media have the consent of those featured in the film or photograph. (Where a rower/student is under 18, their parent or guardian provides express consent)

The BSRA has provided its express consent to the proposed filming/photography produced where;

  1. You acknowledge that, any footage taken is for private domestic purposes only
  2. You and your school, and other guests are strictly prohibited from taking any photographs, still images, sound recordings, visual footage, audio-visual footage and any other reproductions in connection with the event that contravene the guidelines of your collective schools or are for commercial purposes
  3. Filming and photography are strictly prohibited in private areas including toilets/change rooms
  4. DRONES – Rowing Queensland (RQ) does not permit drones at their venue during racing. Any use of drones outside of racing is with the express permission of RQ, the Boat Race Officials and the BSRA. Racing will be stopped should a drone be present.

Civil Aviation and Safety Authority rules for flying in public spaces are here