By Rachael Kininmonth - 09/08/2019

Update on Saturday 10 August.

The Stuartholme rowing support parent group are incredibly resilient. When the regatta was cancelled, they didn’t complain, they just rolled with the punches and found themselves another market. The stall setup outside the Brookfield General Store was a winner. They had sold out of all their baked goods by 10:30am on Saturday morning. Well done 🙂 Thank you to all the schools that have offered to help them with $$ or buying their leftover food. I am so impressed and grateful for the empathy and the generosity of spirit from the BSRA community.


Friday 9 August 1pm

Hello to the BSRA rowing community

As you can appreciate, the weather is a factor in rowing and the forecast of windy conditions tomorrow cannot be ignored even for the most accomplished oarswomen.

I have been seeking advice from various coordinators, Rowing Queensland, the Boat Race Officials and of course studying the many weather apps to ensure we have an accurate picture. I am also reliving the regatta 2 years ago that was ultimately cancelled one third through with similar conditions and the threat to the safety of the rowers and the equipment. I don’t think we need to reinvent the wheel here. We were lucky then no one was hurt. Added to the windy conditions for boating is the impending dust storm forecast that will increase the likelihood of respiratory complaints.

The decision is to cancel the event entirely. This has been approved by the Chair of the BSRA, Kristen Sharpe.

The one bad taste in cancellation of Regatta #3 is the significant loss to the host school.  An unlucky timing for them, that could happen to any school. There has been considerable outlay for equipment in readiness for tomorrow. I have been made aware of similar weather scenario’s in other states where the schools make a donation to the host school Support Groups to recoup their outlay. It is not a mandatory thing. It is a gesture of good will. With the $$ saved in buses maybe this could be a consideration?

FYI. Brisbane Bus Lines has a non-penalty cancellation until midnight tonight. Belbaker has similar terms, I am sure.

If you wish to proceed, the best payment method is to the Australian Sports Foundation Fund – then it is tax deductible if you decide to donate. Here is the link –

I hope you understand the decision was not made lightly, but with the best interests of the girls always as the top priority.

Kind regards

Rachael Kininmonth | Executive Officer

M| 0412 171 527