We need you to commentate at our regattas!

By Rachael Kininmonth - 25/07/2019

Hello BSRA community

This year the BSRA is providing their own Commentators for the racing each Saturday from 27 July to 31 August. If you are interested please email me at rachael@bsra.org.au

Please feel free to include a friend in the commentary 😉 so that you can banter if that is your style!

We are also encouraging the Captain and Vice Captain of boats to make their way to the finish line and call a race or two at a time that suits them during the regatta. It’s an opportunity to share their personalities, enthusiasm and spirit for the sport and dabble in public announcing. Anyone in the school community who would like to give it a go is most welcome.

Thank you to the volunteers so far:

Colin McKenzie and Michael Robertson – Stuartholme

Luke Taylor – Lourdes Hill College

Richard Dorrstein – St Margaret’s