Looking to learn more about Yale and the opportunities to row?

By Rachael Kininmonth - 30/01/2019

2018 and 2019 Year 12 female students.

You and your family and coaches have been offered the wonderful opportunity of an information session with Laura Simon, Yale Women’s Crew Recruiting Coordinator and Assistant Coach. 

 This will be a chance for you to clarify the future pathways that are available to promising rowers looking at pursuing studies in the USA.

Venue: All Hallows’ Rowing Shed – Cnr Riverside and Jane Street, West End

Date: Sunday 10 February

Time: 9:00 – 9:45am

Please fill out what you can of our questionnaire before Sunday as it would be very helpful to understand those in attendance.

Laura N. Simon – Assistant Coach – Yale Women’s Crew

20 Tower Parkway

New Haven, CT 06511

Fax:  203.432.7772

Cell: 971.801.3413



Here are a few things about Yale that might interest you:

  1. Smallest high performing team in the US – everyone counts!
  2. Opportunities beyond Yale – Cambridge/Oxford – check out Insta @ywcrew for current graduates info!
  3. Injury Free for 3 years – Amazing!
  4. #8 team in the US – top Ivy League school 3 years running
  5. Yale takes down the Dutch U23/senior team – Royal Henley
  6. Study ANYTHING!
  7. Our Facilities – Go Fast Have Fun & Winter Training
  8. Yale Residential College – start building your network for post Yale
  9. Yale’s Virtual Tour
  10. Class of 2022!

Please note: Please note: Laura is strictly regulated to speaking face-to-face ONLY with 2018 and 2019 Year 12’s and their families. (Coaches are also welcome). Interested Year 11 girls’ (and below) can contact Laura by email and phone. 

Please RSVP to rachael@bsra.org.au so that the venue is suitably prepared.