Oregon State University Q&A on Thursday 21 Feb 5pm at St Margaret’s

By Rachael Kininmonth - 20/02/2019

An opportunity exists for 2018 Year 12 and current 2019 Year 12 BSRA rowers gathering information for undergraduate study through sport to the USA in a face to face with Oregon State University this Thursday.

Aussie Athletes Agency and St Margaret’s are hosting Q&A and information with Michael Eichler – Head Recruiting Coordinator and Coach from Oregon State Rowing and David Hodge  from Aussie Athletes Agency

Date: Thursday 21 February

At: 5pm

Venue: St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School (see map) Arts Centre Foyer, end of Petrie Street, Ascot

Please note: In line with NCAA ruling, in-person presentations are for current and previous year 12. Current year 11’s may make phone and email contact and responses will be forthcoming. Year 10 and below can use the information on the website to make contact but responding is difficult for the universities due to the ruling.