ROWMoJo – Empowerment through Rowing

By Rachael Kininmonth - 22/11/2018

‘World Rowing and WSNet unite to empower teenage girls through rowing’

A joint collaboration between FISA and the Women’s Sports Network to support teenage girls in competitive rowing is announced today at the World Rowing Coaching conference in Berlin.

This collaboration sees the release of ‘FREE to download’ ROWMoJo from the FISA/WorldRowing website as part of a joint commitment to empower girls through rowing. ROWMoJo is predicated on physical literacy but extends to help girls use ROWING to find confidence, physical strength and emotional robustness to overcome gender harassment and expect gender equality as a norm – both in sport and in everyday life.

MoJoManuals are based on ‘Physical Literacy’ – stable, confident movement around sport and in life. They also cover a range of other emotive issues such as: body image, diet, breast health, fit or thin?, social media, training with menstruation, coach attitude etc. – which often impact how girls engage/drop out of sport – and potentially go on to be elite athletes and confident, mature young women outside of sport.

FREE ROWMoJo – Rowers, athletes & coaches can download a FREE pdf copy from the FISA/WorldRowing website. HERE