CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK :) We are so excited for you…

By Rachael Kininmonth - 18/04/2018

The following BSRA girls are part of the 27 strong QLD pathway squad (3 eights):

(2 of the eights are travelling to trials)

Bridgette Smith (St M)

Sophie Gerber (St M)

Lucy Hope (Stu)

Aimee Boulton (BGGS)

Alex Rooney (Som)

Jess Korganow (St P)

Mackenzie Durbridge (BGGS)

Sophie Rice (St H)

Georgia Peterson (BGGS)

Bridgette Valetic (Lourdes)

Gabi Byrne (All H)

Kirsty Viljoen (BGGS)

Charlotte Jenkins (Lourdes)

Isabelle Townsend (Stu)

Phoebe Howe (Som)

Emily Evans (St A)

Then alongside that, we have other girls trialing as part of other teams:

Phoebe Robinson (Stu 2018), trialing in the 4- with Luekie Smith (STH, 2017), Jess Scott (STH 2017) and Hillary Ballinger (SOM, 2017).