BSRA Alumnae

If you would like to volunteer to manage this page please make contact on the email below. The BSRA welcome any information on girls who have rowed in the BSRA competition and gone on to represent Queensland and Australia. Please send information and photos to 


Name School Graduating Year Discipline Level Years of Representation
Marguerite Houston All Hallows School 2002-2008
Eloise Paker All Hallows School Junior, U21 2014-2016
Ellen Pozzi All Hallows School Junior, U21 2015-2016
Caitilin Cronin All Hallows School 2014-2015
Fiona Albert Brisbane Girls' Grammar 2012,2014-2015
Josephine Thiele Brisbane Girls' Grammar 2015
Jennifer Gilbert Somerville House U21 Coach 2016
Amy James Somerville House 2011,2015
Charlotte Travers Somerville House 2012
Courtney Johnson Somerville House 1988 Sweep W8+ World Champions 1900
Miller Ferris St Margaret's 2014-2015
Tyler Ferris St Margaret's 2014-2015
Sally Kehoe St Margaret's WC, Olympics 2016 2003-2016
Elizabeth Brown St Margaret's 2005
Kim Brown St Margaret's 2005,2008
Suzanne Brown St Margaret's 2005
Madeleine Edmunds St Margaret's WC,Olympics 2016 2008-2016
Jacinta Edmunds St Margaret's Junior, U23 2012,2014-2016
Madeleine Southall St Margaret's 2015
Lily alton-Triggs St Margaret's U23 2015-2016
Wallis Russell St Margaret's Current U21 2016
Kate Rowan St Peters Lutheran College 2014
Gabrielle Kukla St Peters Lutheran College 2009-2011
Anna Kaczycki St Peters Lutheran College 2008-2009
Jessica Hall St Peters Lutheran College WC, Olympics 2016 2009-2016
Eleanor Wilson St Peters Lutheran College 2010-2011,2013-2014
Alice Doring Stuartholme 2014-2015
Daniella Serra Stuartholme 2011 WC 2016
Kate Mercer Stuartholme 1998 WC 2001
Louise Auld Stuartholme 1998 WC 2004
Fran Paterson Stuartholme 2006 U23 2011